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How to Incorporate Facebook Into a Nursing Education

The report for Childnet International and funded by Becta, the government body for technology in learning, says while teachers and lecturers may be using social networking services they may not recognize the educational potential for their students. I would like to expand on the educational use of Facebook.

I am incorporating Facebook into my 4th semester advanced med/surg course. I created a Facebook page for our high fidelity mannequin. He instantly got 6 friend requests. I intend to use Facebook as an evolving case study. I have created a profile for “iStan”. He lives with his wife, in laws and 1 adult child and 1 toddler grandchild. I have personalized the site with pictures and stories from his life. I plan posting questions to his friends (students). Size will be limited to 8 students. The questions will focus on a variety of topics. The students will be expected to research responses, provide education and appropriate educational materials/websites. All students will participate but I will rotate each student through the lead position. This will ensure each student posts an initial response.

The questions will cover a variety of issues. Questions will focus on all age groups and health care concerns. Eventually professional and conflict resolution items will be included. Some examples could be:

• “My doctor gave me a prescription for a beta blocker. I was taught how to take my pulse but now I am not sure I remember. Please help”. The follow up question may be “I am depressed, why?” Goal would be to evaluate critical thinking by students.

• “My doctor told me my BUN is elevated. Should I be concerned?”

• “My doctor does not answer my questions. How do I get him to listen to me?”

• “My mother in law is becoming very forgetful. My wife is concerned she may have Alzheimer’s disease. How would we know?

• “My daughter read an article and has decided not to immunize her son. Is this okay?”

Students will be required to read an article “Teaching with Social Networks: Establishing a Social Contract” by Diane Sieber. This article focuses on appropriate social behaviors in a social network environment. The students will sign a contract stating they will comply with the behaviors. The instructor will provide clear guidelines of student responsibilities/expectations. A grading rubric will be provided for this assignment.

Students will respond and offer education/clarification/resources. Students’ responses’ will be read/reviewed and changes made to Istan’s responses based on them. I believe this would create a virtual patient and family for the students in an evolving case study format. In the article by Educause, it states as social networking sites become more mainstream, online groups might begin to resemble existing campus communities and be influenced by the social norms and protocols inherent in such academic communities. The hook for students is using a platform they are comfortable with. Facebook is ranked number one with college students and it is estimated that over 90% of college students communicate via Facebook

The use of this learning method would only be limited by your creativity and imagination. There is no cost to the students and the learning curve is nonexistent. This teaching method will be evaluated at the end of each semester.

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Otterbein College – Equine Studies

Otterbein College is located in Westerville, Ohio and is a four-year nonprofit college. The department of equine science at Otterbein College provides an exciting educational experience for students who want to pursue a career as an equine professional. The philosophy at Otterbein College is “students learn by doing”. This means that students will have a direct, hands on approach to learning and will do different things that include trimming hooves, making horse shoes, foaling out mares, giving injections, bandaging legs and numerous other things that are involved in the equine industry.

Otterbein College offers three equine science majors and one minor for students to choose from. The Equine Business and Facility Management Degree is a course of study that will prepare students for a career in the business and facility management aspects of the equine industry. This curriculum is centered on the horse and is balanced by strong business preparation. There are many different career possibilities for students and include:

Top Christian Schools on Facebook

College-run social media sites can be useful to prospective students and parents as they search colleges and universities. Application fees can quickly rack up, and are usually not refundable, so the more research you can do before actually filing that application, the better. Facebook is a great tool to see what’s going on at a school before incurring the expense of a personal visit.

This list is comprised of my personal picks of the best Christian colleges and universities in America that maintain Facebook sites. If you’re in the market for a Christian college or university, or soon will be, become a “fan” or “like” the site and see what’s happening on campus. It may influence your decision.

North Greenville University – Located in Tigerville, South Carolina, this Southern Baptist-affiliated school is nestled among beautiful rolling hills and meadows just, well, north of Greenville, South Carolina. Its Facebook wall is full of notices of upcoming campus activities, but also contains comments from students and alumni.

Disclaimer: My daughter is a junior at North Greenville, so I am particularly partial to this amazing school and that’s why it is at the top of my list.

Le Tourneau Aviation – LeTourneau University’s main page is a community page. If you’re interested in aviation, LeTourneau University’s aviation program is one of the best. A private, non-denominational university in Longview, Texas, the school has made U.S. News & World Report’s list of “America’s Best Colleges.” The aviation site is a true “fan” site. Check out the event tab for on-campus activities, such as the Women In Aviation’s cookie fundraiser or when rides will be offered in Kodiaks.

Southeastern University – Southeastern, affiliated with the Assemblies of God denomination, sits on a lovely Mediterranean-inspired campus. Centrally located in Lakeland, Florida, the university is a little more than an hour’s drive from Tampa or Orlando. The university, which accepts students regardless of denominational affiliation, offers both graduate and undergraduate programs. Become a fan and receive event notices for upcoming preview days.

Toccoa Falls Christian College – Sitting at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Toccoa, Georgia, Toccoa Falls is a liberal arts Bible college affiliated with Christian and Missionary Alliance. Currently the site is offering a link whereby the school’s application fee is waived for those applying now.

Grace College – This four-year liberal arts school is located in Winona Lake, Indiana, and is affiliated with Grace Theological seminary and The Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. Information on activities as diverse as the school’s newspaper to its athletic program is summarized on the site.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary – Located in Wake Forest, North Carolina, the school was created by the Southern Baptist Convention in 1950 and is fully accredited. Its wall is frequently updated with information and event postings.

Truett-McConnell College – Located in Cleveland, Georgia, this Baptist college sports an active Facebook page with information related to the college as well as local information of interest to students – like the fact that the local Ingle’s grocery store is getting a Starbucks!

Wheaton College – This small (2,400 undergraduate students) liberal arts school in Wheaton, Illinois, got some unexpected media attention when NBC’s Ann Curry confused its alumni with those of another Wheaton College in Massachussetts. Billy Graham, Wes Craven, and former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert all attended this evangelical Christian school. Current posts focus on students’ achievements.

Azusa Pacific University – This inter-denominational, evangelical Christian university was founded in 1899 in Whittier, California. With nearly 5,000 students enrolled in its undergraduate programs, it claims one of the largest student bodies among Christian schools in America. The site has informative information posted by the school, students, and alumni.

Pensacola Christian College – Located in Pensacola, Florida, this college is an independent Baptist school. Be aware: PCC is not accredited. However, if you are looking for an extremely conservative Christian school with an extremely reasonable tuition rate, this may be the perfect fit for you. Homeschool students who use the college’s ABEKA curriculum may receive further discounts.


Personal experience with campus visits

Facebook pages – links embedded

College websites

Trends And Challenges In Facility Management

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA), the largest and most widely recognized professional association for facility management, sponsored a forecasting workshop to examine the emerging trends and issues that will influence facility management professionals in the coming years.

In 2007, IFMA invited a panel of industry experts to represent various industry sectors and constituencies of the facility management profession to its two-day conference, held in Houston, TX. The 2007 IFMA forecasting conference and the report that was published after the conference highlighted the many challenges awaiting facility management professionals in the coming years. The top eight issues that emerged from the retreat were as follows (presented in order of importance):

1) Linking facility management to strategy

2) Emergency preparedness

3) Change management

4) Sustainability

5) Emerging technology

6) Globalization

7) Broadening diversity in the workforce

8) Aging buildings

Linking facility management to strategy ranked first among the issues, because experts strongly believed that this issue will be of even greater importance in the coming years. They suggested that a critical facet of successful facility management is the ability to link the role of facilities to an organization

Facebook Timeline: 5 Important Changes To Facebook Pages For Business

We all saw it coming and the time has arrived for the changes to Facebook pages. The official “crossover” date is set for March 30, 2012 but those prone to early adoption may do so right away.

Allow me to indulge and emphasize the obvious: these are massive changes to Facebook Pages. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s cut to the chase.

5 Most Important Changes to Facebook Pages

1. Cover Photo/Profile Photo

I certainly perceive this change as a big plus considering the beautiful real estate you get to showcase your brand. Here’s what you need to know when creating your cover photo:

  • Max dimensions of the cover photo area are 850 pixels by 315 pixels (I recommend having a high quality image that fits this space rather than stretching a smaller image to fit)
  • Max dimensions of the profile photo is 180 pixels by 180 pixels: Save this space for your company logo
  • Your cover photo cannot contain any blatant advertising of specials or coupons. Call-to-action? Apparently that’s a no-no too!

2. No More Landing Tabs!

That’s right. No more default landing tabs of any sort. Tabs are now essentially replaced with applications.

I feel your pain, fellow business owners. My most recent blog suggested custom landing tabs for increasing engagement on Facebook and it’s already obsolete. Ah, the ever changing world of social media!

The Good News:

  • Updates to the applications section offers new possibilities for showcasing your brand
  • Four applications will be prominently featured on your profile (you can choose which ones except the photo app)
  • If you have custom Facebook apps, this type of exposure is bound to assist you in increasing engagement

3. Facebook Offers

According to Facebook, they expect to make Facebook Offers available “more broadly” soon. There are a few advertising clients that already have access but I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this feature rolling out sooner than later.

  • You post a special offer via the news feed that fans will be able to claim
  • Once claimed, they will receive an email from Facebook that they can show to the merchant at the time of purchase
  • Huge potential for brick and mortar but also companies selling info products or other services (everyone loves a deal)

4. Pinning Stories & Setting Milestones

You can set milestones and change dates on posts just like can with personal profiles but there is one really cool feature that has made it’s debut.

  • You can now “pin” stories to the top of your Timeline for up to a week. This is great if you have something going on for more than a day or two and you don’t want to bombard people with constant posts. Nice one, Facebook.
  • Use milestones to tell your company’s story. This is a neat feature that every business should take advantage of. You can really humanize your company by showing a story and breaking it down by it’s…well, timeline!
  • Highlight and enlarge stories in the Timeline. You can easily enlarge posts on your Timeline so it takes up both columns, a handy feature for catching attention on your pictures and videos!

5. Page Name Change

Those of you who made the tragic error of a spelling mistake in your Facebook page username (aka your page URL) can now rejoice as mercy has arrived with the name change request form for Facebook pages. It might sound small but it’s a major improvement if you ever wanted to change your page name for any reason.

These are the major changes to Facebook Pages but I encourage you to go explore the changes yourself and see where things have moved to. Options and menus are in slightly different places and a couple extra minor options have popped up here and there.

How do you feel the changes to Facebook pages will affect your brand or business? What would you have kept or liked to see updated? Leave a comment below.

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